Mediation - Your First Choice

Is mediation a mystery to you? Maybe you have heard of it, maybe you think it is a form of meditation! You didn't learn about it in sixth grade civics class when you were studying the constitution. The Bill of Rights entitles you to a trial by a jury of your peers and so you, and most of your associates, are eager to submit your troubles to this hallowed forum. If you are getting a divorce, from your spouse, your business partner or your employer, or you are having conflict in some other area of your life; you might want to consider mediating the problem. Here's why:

When you have a relationship with someone that is important to you, you enjoy it if your needs are met. In marriage, your needs for love, acceptance, security and maybe your need to give to your children as well as your spouse, were met and you felt happy. Now that has changed, either for you or your spouse, and at least one of you is unhappy. Unless you can restore the relationship, your family is going to transition and your children are going to go through the divorce with you. That transition can either be long, expensive and angry or you can meet together with a mediator who is trained to create a process that is brief, cost-effective and civil. You will design the transition, with the mediator's help, and your attorneys, mental health counselors, accountants, and spiritual advisors can be part of the process. Your children can know that you care enough about their welfare, emotional and financial, to choose a sensible way to restructure your family.

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Mediation Works